Sofia surpasses all other South Jersey restaurants with its ambiance and fine cuisine. Voted by Zagat as South Jersey's most stylish non-casino restaurant, Sofia offers the best eclectic mix and variety of diverse flavors. The most authentic Mediterranean South Jersey restaurant, Sofia transports renown European hospitality to the South Jersey shore and tantalizes the taste buds of each guest with exquisite cuisine. A commitment of freshness, exceptional quality and culinary passion is brought to the table with every entree. Our entrees consist of a wide assortment of fresh seafood (including whole fish), lamb, beef, and poultry. Every element of the meal is presented without compromise. Curling charred octopus tentacles along with tzatziki - a cucumber garlic flavored yogurt, and charcoal broiled scallops drizzled with olive oil are some of the favorites of our guests. Simple preparation of high quality seafood and whole fish, perfectly grilled with a touch of olive oil, lemon and herbs make Sofia restaurant a serious foody's destination. Additionally, an extensive array of domestic and international wines are available to be paired with your selected entree.